Please DO NOT make the mistake of thinking that their site's current state reflects us.

I am personally focusing more on my community and working with local clients and they have changed their site a lot since I first created, designed, and built it. The Origional design was graphically balanced and simply beautiful.  When I handed over this site to the client, everything worked, rollovers where smooth, animations ran perfectly, video looked and sounded great, this site turned out really great!  I was really proud of my team.  What you see now... the errors, the things that don't work right, in no way reflect the work of my team. That's one of the hardest parts of doing this kind of work, to us it feels like our WORK OF ART, unfortunately we don't get to preserve it or protect it, we have to hand it over and let our little sister or brother draw on it with their crayons.

OKOBAN ~ Lost and Found for Life. officially launched in Japan first and then globally. is a free online global lost and found system developed by TRAVEL SENTRY. By registering the OKOBAN identification code online, owners can be automatically notified when individuals and lost and found offices find their lost items.

This project was very exciting and unique. With clients in Switzerland, New Hampshire, and Japan, and developers in Tennessee, Alabama, New Hampshire, and India, this project represented a truly global virtual team. This was a project where the term "project management" took on a whole new meaning. With a fabulous client concept and a lot of hard work this was a very successful project.

This was a collaborative project with the CMS website and custom design done by myself and an additional web application created by a third party company. The Flash animation was also a collaborated part of the project. I did the designs and storyboarded the animation and Angela Jackman did the Flash.

Overview of OKOBAN Features

  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Custom Design
  • Flash Animations
  • Embedded Video's
  • Multilingual content management
  • Rollover content changes, "carousel effect"
  • FAQ
  • Contact Form
  • Third Party Web Application integration