2009.08.24 16:26:52
Susan Jackman

Our most recent project has just officially launched in Japan first and then globally. The website is a CMS with custom design done by Susan Jackman and an additional application created by a third party company.  OKOBAN.com is a free online global lost and found system developed by TRAVEL SENTRY. By registering the OKOBAN identification code online, owners can be automatically notified when individuals and lost and found offices find their lost items. The project was managed with team members in several states, Switzerland, India and Japan and features Flash animation done by Angela Jackman.

This project was very exciting and unique.  With clients in Switzerland, New Hampshire, and Japan, and developers in Tennessee, Alabama, New Hampshire, and India, this project represented a truly global virtual team.  This was a project where the term "project management" took on a whole new meaning.  With a fabulous client concept and a lot of hard work this was a very successful project. The project features a CMS, backend application, video, animation, and custom design. To check out the project or learn more about OKOBAN visit OKOBAN.com.


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2009.11.10 23:46:47

I am a Web Designing professional and doing work on different projects. You mention here some very useful and key points for the web professionals!

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