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2011.09.13 15:44:20
Susan Jackman

Free Vector and PSD Downloads UPDATE!

In the past I required registration to download my vectors and layered PSD files but unfortunately I just don't have time to keep up with all the SPAM that I get because of this so I am now opening up all my free files to be downloaded without any registration required.  Enjoy! :)

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2009.03.04 02:54:14
Susan Jackman


My Lovely Bird

I call this one, Lovely Bird.  Register and become a member to download this free PSD.

icon Lovely Bird (40.55 kB)

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2009.02.17 16:17:53
Susan Jackman

Free PSD Twitter Icon

I call this one, Little Twit.  It's just a litte cutsie! Register and become a member to download this free PSD.

icon Twitter Icon (little twitt) (91.93 kB)

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2009.02.16 19:53:26
Susan Jackman

Paper inspired Twitter Icon

Registered users may download and use it as they wish.

icon Free Vector Twitter Icon (paper twitter) (123.18 kB)

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2008.10.24 21:56:20
Susan Jackman

Here are some marketing icons that I created. You can use them for anything that you like, just don't sell them.  :)  They are marketing icons, mostly print but there is one for a website.

icon Icons Marketing (469.76 kB)


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